Create highly professional accurate PROPOSALs in a fraction of time.

Based in XL each Tool is designed around your companies credentials, making this a truly bespoke product. Available in combinations of two sizes and three types there is one to fit in with your needs.

PTS - Entry Level Estimator for use with sub contract Panel and Wiring

MCC- Used to design your own MCCs

WIR - Creates a wiring drawing to issue to electical installer

FULL - incorporates all of the above

BEMS Estimating Tools from Blackbuck Ltd

Based in XL for maximum design flexibility and familiarisation the suite of tools allow you to quickly select pre assembled KITS, place them on to your MCC page to create a PTS list, Controls Selection, MCC schedule, WIRing estimate all in one hit. This populates all the relevant fields in the Tool from the DASHboard where rates for labour, commissioning and engineering are held right through to the PROPOSAL with its selectable ADDENDUMS ready to be sent to the client in a .pdf file.

There are three manufacturers Price Lists, 30 different KITS and a bolt on "Lollipop" drawing package to create an electrical specification.

All BEMS Estimating Tools are available in three types below and two sizes 12 MCC and 24 MCC although all Tools can have an infinite number of similar or "RISER" panels.


12 - 24 PTS Estimator

This option allows you to build up your points list and equipment schedule along with the associated engineering. Control Panels and Wiring are estimated from a factor of hardware points.


12 - 24 MCC Estimator

In addition to PTS Estimator this version will allow you to build an accurate estimate for a Control Panel including Starters, MCBs, Lamp, Switches and an Enclosure for both Control and Power Sections.


12 - 24 WIR Estimator

In addition to the PTS Estimator this allows you to accurately build a price for controls and power wiring, additionally this version will also create a lollipop diagrams of the electrical install.


12 - 24 FULL Estimator

All of the pervious feature in one product. This allows you to accurately build a price for a full MCC along with starters, MCBs, Lamps, switches and enclosures, and will also provide your electrical "Lollipop" drawing.

Please Note:-

You can upgrade between Types for a cost £1,000 any time after purchase


We can arrange a 30-60 minute demonstration over a video conference, should you wish to proceed a full working DEMO version of the product that best fits your requirements can be sent out.

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